"I definitely recommend anyone who is serious about achieving results & willing to put in the effort to work with Lea..."

Before I started working with Lea, I felt very uncomfortable in my body and was worried about my health. I had tried for years to lose weight in a way that is healthy and most importantly maintainable.

I have always been active, but I struggled with my eating habits. I ate too much unhealthy fats, processed meats and drank too much alcohol. I simply was not able to maintain a calorie deficit and ate way more calories than my body needed.

As a result, my health got worse and I started to suffer from high blood pressure.

In the past, I had tried countless 12-week programs. Programs, that drastically made me feel restricted and only led to short-term success, resulting in Yo-Yo dieting. I was stuck in a cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain. While I never gained a ton of weight as a result of those diets, I felt more and more dissatisfied and annoyed that my efforts never paid off.

I finally decided to contact Lea because I knew that she had personally found a great way to transform her body AND life without restricting herself. She rather created a healthy lifestyle that she absolutely enjoys. And that’s what I wanted. I did not want to starve myself in order to see results. I did not want to restrict myself too much and not be able to enjoy my favorite foods. And I did not want to deal with bad mood anymore because things did not work out regardless of how much effort I put into achieving my goals. I knew that Lea also suffered healthy issues and I always admired how Lea was able to stay strong, push through difficult times and achieve her goals.

I never had any doubt that Lea’s program would be anything but life-transforming, the only thing I was worried about was the investment. The investment was almost my total salary at that point, but after I talked to one of my friends who had also invested in multiple programs in order to achieve her fitness goals I thought: „Okay what is the worst that can happen? That it doesn’t work. But if it does, and I trusted Lea, I could be so much closer to my goals in just a few weeks.“

After only 9 weeks into the program, I already felt so much more confident in my body. I FINALLY saw results! I’m so motivated during my training sessions and always look forward to my new workout program. I’ve also learned that it is okay to say „no“ whenever friends urgently want to drink at a party. Now I am able to go to parties or events without feeling the urge to drink and I still have an amazing time. I’ve also found a way to eat in a more balanced way. I eat less processed meat and am including other healthier foods instead. Lea has taught me to set weekly goals & as a result, I live with more intention. I’ve started to track my foods and have gained a much better understanding of what and how much I’m eating as a result. During our weekly coaching calls, Lea always listened to me and helped me to see things from a different perspective.

I definitely recommend anyone who is serious about achieving results & willing to put in the effort to work with Lea! I was able to message her ANY time and she was ALWAYS there to help me. Especially in the beginning, when I had no idea about macros or how to track food. What I also love about Lea is that she does not work with anyone – you have to be committed and really want to change your life and transform your body. I hope that I’ll stay in touch with Lea, she is an amazing human-being and she doesn’t need to change anything!

~ Sarah G., 1:1 3-month coaching client

  • I gained muscle & lost weight which is incredible...

    I had been searching for the inspiration, the nudge, the advice, the motivation I know I needed for years - and Lea has given me all of it in one hit! I started my fitness journey but had quickly lost motivation and sight of my goals after not seeing any process. I knew deep inside that something would have to change if I did not want to spend the rest of my life feeling miserable in my own body. The very same day I started working with Lea, I was back in the gym and more determined to reach my goals than ever before. I gained muscle & lost weight which is incredible. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!

    ~ Hayley T.
  • Lea has truly helped me heaps, she’s the best!

    Before I started working with Lea, I suffered from anxiety and mental health issues. I had done a lot of WHY practicing in order to overcome those mental issues but I never thought about applying those to my physical health and fitness as well. Lea has helped me to not only create healthy eating habits but also to feel happier in my body than ever before. Working out and moving my body has become part of my daily life & I don’t have to think twice about my food choices anymore. Lea taught me that every meal is an opportunity to either nourish or harm my body, and I take my health and well-being more serious than ever before. And it shows in every aspect of my life, it’s incredible. Lea has truly helped me heaps, she’s the best!

    ~ Maria W.
  • 12 weeks flew by and I’ve never felt this healthy!

    I’ve always started workout programs/diets and never continued them because I always got discouraged and stopped. When I reached out to Lea and started her 3 months 1:1 coaching program she was very helpful from the start. Her program was very easy to follow and organized! I always knew exactly what to eat and how to workout. I’ve never been so motivated before and I’ve never finished an entire program! 12 weeks flew by and I’ve never felt this healthy! I highly recommend her programs, best decision I’ve made. Lea will provide you with a system and all necessary building blocks to revamp your eating and workout habits. Lea always shares her knowledge and expertise in a way that it’s easy to understand and apply. I’ve struggled with sugar addiction for years but was finally able to change my habits, curb my cravings and as a result, actually enjoy eating nutrient dense foods now. I’m so thankful Lea was there to support me on my fitness journey. Much love!

    ~ Tina L.
  • I feel more confident in my body than ever before

    I am so thankful Lea took the time to put such an amazing program together. In the past, I was struggling with eating unhealthy foods, being addicted to sugar and snacking all the time. It definitely takes time to change such patterns but Lea supported me every step of the journey. She helped me realize how important heath is and how different my life can be if I finally let go of my self limiting beliefs. I always wanted to change but simply did not know how. Lea not only provided me with all the tools I needed to be successful on my fitness and health journey, but also helped me to realize my own worth. Now, I feel more confident in my body than ever before.

    ~ Taylor K.
  • Lea is incredible x10...

    I started training with Lea a few weeks ago. I had been working out for around a year, lifting weights and doing cardio but I wasn’t seeing much results. Her program was specifically created for me and everything was explained in detail. I never felt lost in the gym & always knew what to do, how to train and how much to eat. I was seeing results very soon after I started the program. The weekly check ins and positive feedback from her personally kept me going and kept me accountable. I seriously appreciate the time, effort and positive support from Lea. It’s not often that you meet a person like her with such positive vibes and amazing knowledge. Lea is incredible x10. I know Lea is going to keep supporting the people around her and keep spreading her positivity - she is definitely making an impact in this world!!

    ~ Tim B.
  • I can’t thank Lea enough...

    There honestly need to be more people in this world like Lea, making it her life’s mission and taking her own time out to help others who struggle with their health and body confidence. Deciding to work with Lea has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From our first conversation, Lea showed interest in my goals & created a plan specifically for me. Over the past 12 week I’ve seen my body change so much & she always gave me that extra push to keep going whenever I needed it. Lea not only helped with getting in the best shape physically, she also helped me gain confidence & mental strength. With her beautiful personality, encouragement and knowledge she made this journey as easy as possible I can’t thank Lea enough for everything she has done for me. Sending love and a big hug to this babe!

    ~ Lisa N.
  •  I thank Lea so much for helping get my life back on track!

    Lea’s Facebook posts demonstrated not only that she had the requisite knowledge, but also that she had wisdom and emotional intelligence. I felt that she would both hold me accountable and encourage/support me. Lea demonstrated that she knew what she was doing, so I could trust her to take my injury into account. Working with her 1:1 allowed us to identify the exercises that caused discomfort and work around them. I realised that sticking to this program would actually change my life when I was seeing gradual results - especially when I occasionally put on weight but then lost it (and more) afterwards. That gave me confidence to keep at it. I feel like I look better. The program made me more aware of how important it is to eat mindfully and to not eat emotionally. The biggest change was that it got me back into the habit of exercising every day. I feel that it’s now possible for me to get back into excellent health and fitness, even though it will take a while. I now have healthy eating habits and exercise is now part of my daily routine again, so if I keep that up I will continue to lose weight and get stronger/fitter. The macro goals and detailed workout routines helped me the most. I would absolutely recommend Lea, for all the reasons I chose to work with her. If someone is considering working with her but is still hesitant, I would point out to them that their health and fitness is the foundation of every single thing you do. I would ask them how much money they spend on entertainment, clothes, travel, or activities like skiing, and point out that their health/fitness is not only more important than all those things, but being in better health will make all those things more enjoyable. It has been a pleasure to work with Lea! I especially appreciate her patience, support, and encouragement when I wasn’t always meeting, eg, my macro goals. I thank her so much for helping get my life back on track! I now have hope for what I can do in the future that I didn’t have.

    Ian F.
  • Lea’s program changed my life

    I chose Lea as a coach because I was drawn to her kindness. I knew she wouldn’t accept excuses, but I knew she would always be kind when I messed up. No one is perfect and even when I fall down, instead of kicking me, she encourages me to get back up. This is a lifelong process/journey/battle and it will take a kind coach to help make it through. Lea worked with me to create a program that I could do at home and on the road. That helped me get started and eased me into working out. I realized that sticking to this program would actually change my life when my primary care physician told me that she was very pleased with the progress that I had made. I feel healthier now and I feel equipped with the right tools. Lea’s program changed my life & affected other areas of it - I’ve pretty much quit drinking entirely, which is a huge win. Now I’ve learned other coping mechanisms that are much healthier. I’ve also started getting up earlier and taking more time for myself. I feel there is a lot more balance in my life now. I just feel like now it’s possible for me to live a long active life, which was my goal. I benefited most from the check ins with Lea. Having that validation and accountability really helped me. I would recommend her program because I think it’s a great way to get a baseline for eating right and getting fit. 12 weeks is the right amount of time to really start to build some great habits for a healthy future.

    Tiffany B.


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