Do you feel insecure and unhappy in your body? Do you struggle with self-doubt?!

I did. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane: A few years ago I got diagnosed with gastritis & on top of that, I had a bladder infection. The pain was so severe that I was afraid to eat and even drink water because every time I did, my stomach started hurting so badly that I couldn’t function properly. Within a few weeks, I had lost so much weight that I was dangerously underweight and nothing but skin & bones. Unfortunately, the medicine I got subscribed didn’t help, so I started experimenting with my diet & was eventually able to heal myself mainly by switching to a plant-based diet and eliminating gluten. I’ve been following a plant-based diet ever since.

However, in the following years, I was simply not able to put on weight and found myself unhappier than ever before. There was hardly anything left from my usually so positive self and I remember many days when I isolated myself and stayed at home instead of going out with friends because I simply felt so uncomfortable in my body. As you can imagine, my physical health was not the only thing that suffered, my mental health & especially my relationships did too.

I was undernourished, didn’t give my body the proper fuel it deserved and ignored the advice from concerned family members and friends. One day, I received a message from one of my best friends asking if I was anorexic. Even though I knew she was only worried about me, it hurt – a lot.

I decided the very same day that I finally had to change my life in order to gain control again. After all, I only had two choices:

1) Remain the same and continue to be uncomfortable in my own skin, feeling unworthy & deeply unhappy.


2) Realize that I was the only one responsible for my life, had to stop making silly excuses and get out of my comfort zone in order to learn to love myself, become stronger and healthier and build unshakable confidence.

And that’s exactly what I did, unknowingly that it would not only transform my body but my WHOLE LIFE. I took action that very moment and signed up for my first gym-membership. I started going to the gym regularly and eventually got into weightlifting. I educated myself about nutrition and realized that I had been eating way too little calories. Since it’s mentally never easy to gain weight even if it’s for the best, I had to not only work on my body but also on my mindset – so that’s when my self-development journey started as well!

With a lot of patience, commitment, dedication AND the right strategies in place, I was able to slowly rebuild my confidence.

Was it easy? HELL NO. But I whole-heartedly believe that fitness saved my life & made me the woman I am today.

Fast forward, I am the happiest I have EVER been in my body. My passion for bodybuilding, fitness and health has grown so much that I competed as a natural IFBB bikini athlete for the first time at the “James Dennis Classic Pro-qualifier”, where I placed second in my class BUT most importantly it made me change my career in order to be able to support people like you, who want to feel confident and energized every day of their lives.

This whole journey has taught me so much about myself and has truly transformed my life. I was not only able to become stronger physically but over the past years, I have also grown a lot mentally. This journey has taken me from being lethargic, unhappy and lost, to a woman that is driven, motivated, energetic and healthy. I now strive to be the best version of myself every day and refuse to ever stop evolving.

So why do I want to share my story with you? Because I always knew deep inside that I was capable of changing my life for the better and because I know that you are capable of doing so as well!

So while my journey is a little different from the normal “I was overweight & then got fit” transformation story and I rather went from being skinny, unhappy and unhealthy to being strong, confident and full of life, I believe that we are ALL capable of building a body & life we LOVE no matter of our past and current circumstances. It doesn’t matter whether you’re underweight like I was, overweight or simply don’t feel like you’re living your best & healthiest life for any other reason. It all starts with one decision: The decision to finally take 100% responsibility for your life, to invest in yourself, to take action and to stay committed until you have reached your goals.

Reaching your goals does require work but I am here to support you on your journey and make it fun & enjoyable.

We are only given one body and one life and a healthy body & mind does not only positively impact yourself but also your relationships and even your professional career.

We can only live up to our true potential and support others when we start loving ourselves for who we are first. If you are willing to show up everyday for your goals, I`ll promise you that you’re going to achieve them.

Today my biggest goal is to help clients from all over the world to reach not only their fitness goals but to go beyond their limits & what they thought could ever be possible by creating simple, yet highly effective individualized programs to meet your specific goals and needs.

I know it’s SUCH a rare thing to love your body and yourself for who you truly are. BUT can you imagine how incredibly FULFILLING life would be if you woke up every single day as your healthiest, happiest and most confident self?… Only thinking about supporting you on this journey lights my fire and gives me chills.

Because this is my mission. Are you joining me?

Hugs and unlimited love,


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  • I gained muscle & lost weight which is incredible...

    I had been searching for the inspiration, the nudge, the advice, the motivation I know I needed for years - and Lea has given me all of it in one hit! I started my fitness journey but had quickly lost motivation and sight of my goals after not seeing any process. I knew deep inside that something would have to change if I did not want to spend the rest of my life feeling miserable in my own body. The very same day I started working with Lea, I was back in the gym and more determined to reach my goals than ever before. I gained muscle & lost weight which is incredible. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!

    ~ Hayley T.
  • I feel more confident in my body than ever before

    I am so thankful Lea took the time to put such an amazing program together. In the past, I was struggling with eating unhealthy foods, being addicted to sugar and snacking all the time. It definitely takes time to change such patterns but Lea supported me every step of the journey. She helped me realize how important heath is and how different my life can be if I finally let go of my self limiting beliefs. I always wanted to change but simply did not know how. Lea not only provided me with all the tools I needed to be successful on my fitness and health journey, but also helped me to realize my own worth. Now, I feel more confident in my body than ever before.

    ~ Taylor K.
  • Lea is incredible x10...

    I started training with Lea a few weeks ago. I had been working out for around a year, lifting weights and doing cardio but I wasn’t seeing much results. Her program was specifically created for me and everything was explained in detail. I never felt lost in the gym & always knew what to do, how to train and how much to eat. I was seeing results very soon after I started the program. The weekly check ins and positive feedback from her personally kept me going and kept me accountable. I seriously appreciate the time, effort and positive support from Lea. It’s not often that you meet a person like her with such positive vibes and amazing knowledge. Lea is incredible x10. I know Lea is going to keep supporting the people around her and keep spreading her positivity - she is definitely making an impact in this world!!

    ~ Tim B.
  • I can’t thank Lea enough...

    There honestly need to be more people in this world like Lea, making it her life’s mission and taking her own time out to help others who struggle with their health and body confidence. Deciding to work with Lea has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From our first conversation, Lea showed interest in my goals & created a plan specifically for me. Over the past 12 week I’ve seen my body change so much & she always gave me that extra push to keep going whenever I needed it. Lea not only helped with getting in the best shape physically, she also helped me gain confidence & mental strength. With her beautiful personality, encouragement and knowledge she made this journey as easy as possible I can’t thank Lea enough for everything she has done for me. Sending love and a big hug to this babe!

    ~ Lisa N.


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